A Game Changing Approach to Sourcing Talent

A Game Changing Approach to Sourcing Talent

If you have job openings in the Delaware Valley, you need to have your open positions posted here. Delaware Valley Jobs (DVJ) is not only a job board, but an interactive platform that allows job seekers and recruiters from leading companies to engage in real-time through our virtual and in-person career fairs. DVJ focuses on ENGAGEMENT instead of applications. Not only can we add your jobs to our website, we also give you the ability to chat with job seekers you feel might be a great fit for your vacancies.

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Job Site

You can post jobs as with any other site on DVJ, or we can scrape your jobs for you.
Job seekers create profiles, set up job alerts, and you can also set up candidate alerts if you choose.

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Virtual Career Fairs

Imaging being able to recruit on multiple campuses in just a few hours, or perhaps hosting a job fair just for your company that doesn't require you to leave your office. You can achieve that and much more with a booth in the Delaware Valley Recruitment Center (DVRC). You will have a fully customized booth that will provide everything the job seeker would want to know about your company when considering their next career choice. You can also host chat sessions as often as you like from your virtual booth. The reporting provided after the virtual career fairs provides everything you would want to collect on a candidate (including resumes). You can also set up email alerts that will send you a candidate’s profile when they visit your booth and you are not in it.

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